We are the largest national provider of surety bonds for multi-family developers, many of whom are AHF Top 50. Clients include vertically integrated LIHTC developers, self-performing public housing authorities (PHAs), and stand-alone GCs.

Our largest clients have single job limits of $70,000,000 with aggregate surety lines above $500,000,000. We also service LIHTC developers that have avoided P&P bonds in the past and are first time users of surety.

We excel on 4% & 9% deals, state-based programs, HUD insured mortgage projects, i.e. 221 (d) (4) & USDA RD. We avoid taking collateral and there are -no- restrictions on Identity of Interests. Premiums are structured to compete against bank LOC rates.

As a surety agency, our relationship is with our clients who rely on us to provide proper surety support at the exact juncture when needed. It is also our job to protect our valued underwriting companies. Because each of our carefully selected bonding companies are on the Treasury List of Approved Sureties (Circular 570), we maintain integrity at all levels.

Get in touch with LIHTC practice leader Matthew Clarke to facilitate your bond: mc@cigbonds.com

Our National Footprint


  • LIHTC 4% / 9%
  • HUD 221 (d) (4)
  • Self-performing PHAs
  • HUD “offsite”
  • Stand-alone GCs

Other Bonds

  • Public Maintenance
  • Infrastructure
  • Erosion / Stormwater
  • Compliance

About Us

We are an underwriting surety agency specializing in P&P and other bonds for LIHTC (4% & 9% and state-based programs), Market Rate developers [HUD 221 (d) (4), etc.,] and GCs. We effortlessly guide our clients through the otherwise difficult approval maze with an innate understanding of how the surety companies think, and exactly what is needed for bond approval. Headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, we are licensed in 50 states and represent clients nationwide. LIHTC Bonds Ltd Co is an affiliate of Carolina Indemnity Group.


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